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40 Weight Loss Tips


  1. Drink at least 64 oz. of water every day.
    It must be water, not soda, tea, coffee, milk, or anything else. You wouldn't substitute those beverages to wash your car, hair, or water your lawn, and you can't use them as substitutes to nourish your body.
  2. Exercise.
    Five minutes a day of aerobic exercise 6 days a week is better than 30 minutes once a week. It will help digestion, improve circulation and flexibility, boost your immune system, and provide many other benefits. Five minutes on a rebounder is equivalent of 30 minutes of aerobic exercise on a cellular level.
  3. Eat Fruit.
    Four servings of fruit a day promotes fat burning. Thermogenesis is the generation of body heat that occurs as a result of normal digestion, absorption, and metabolization of food. Fruit is your best source of food to make this happen. Apples, apricots, blueberries, blackberries, cantaloupe, cherries, cranberries, grapefruit, grapes, honeydew, lemons, limes, mangoes, nectrines, oranges, peaches, pears, pineapple, raspberries, strawberries, tangerines and watermelon are all known to burn fat.
  4. Eat a variety of Fruits and Vegetables.
    The brighter the color of the fruit or vegetable, the more nutrients it contains.
  5. Eat during daylight hours.
    Your body has an internal clock that burns fat better while your metabolism is at its peak. When it gets dark your body thinks it's time to sleep or hibernate, therefore your system slows down and burns less fat.
  6. Get rid of the caffeine!
    This includes tea, coffee, cola, and chocolate. There is no minimum daily requirement for caffeine in the diet. There is no nutrition in caffeine and while it may give you artificial energy, it also overworks your adrenal system and eventually leaves you tired and exhausted. It takes tomorrow's energy and uses it today.
  7. Royalty Eating.
    Eat like a King at breakfast, a Queen for lunch, and like a Pauper for dinner. Your biggest and best meal should be breakfast and your smallest meal should be dinner. It makes sense because your body burns more fat while you are awake than when you are asleep.
  8. Stop eating when Full.
    Don't clean your plate, leave food behind.
  9. Stop Fad Dieting.
  10. Don't Multi-tasking while eating.
    When it is time to eat, just eat. Avoid eating while watching television, driving, or on the computer. Concentrate and thoroughly enjoy what you are eating. Savor the aroma, texture, consistency, as well as the flavor.
  11. Chew your food.
    Your stomach does not have teeth! Chew your food 30 times.
  12. Eat with bright lights.
    Don't turn the lights down when it is time to eat. Studies have shown most binge eating occurs when the lights are dim.
  13. Cravings?
    Drink a glass of water first before going for that cookie, soda or bag of chips. Often thirst is mistaken for hunger.
  14. Avoid the junk food.
    If it is not good for you, "Don't buy it." NO MATTER WHO LIVES IN YOUR HOUSE. As long as they are living with you, make them eat healthy also.
  15. Don't shop if hungry.
    Eat before you go to the grocery store. You will make better food choices and buy less on impulse.
  16. Get rid of the GUM!
    Chewing, no matter what it is, tells the stomach, "Here Comes Food!" Then when no food comes down, the hunger pains soon follow. Chewing gum contributes to eating more.
  17. INDULGE!
    Once a week eat the food that you crave the most. Do not splurge or binge, eat a sensible portion. When you indulge, don't leave any. Eat it in one sitting and throw away the leftovers or give them to someone else. Having it around you will tempt you into eating more and more.
  18. Stay off the SCALES.
    Go by the way your clothes fit. Keep the tight clothes.
  19. Clean your closet.
    Throw out the oversized clothes. Any clothes that you have slimmed down from get rid of them. Give yourself no place to go but better health.
  20. Beware of the Plateau.
    This is where you seem to level off on your weight loss. Carry weights on your walk, run, or work out. However much weight you lose, carry it in a backpack or carry dumbbells in your hand. Start with the first 1 to 5 pounds and continue to add as you lose additional weight.
  21. Feed your body not your emotions.
    Avoid emotional eating. If you eat when you are Frustrated, Angry, or Tired - that spells F-A-T.
  22. THINK before you eat.
    Just remember, "A Minute on the Lips, a Month on the Hips."
  23. Soup.
    Eating soup actually fills you faster than eating the same calories in solid form. So fill up with soup. Remember, avoid creamy soups that are higher in calories and select thinner broth based soups instead.
  24. Breakfast.
    You should eat your breakfast within 2 hours of waking up. 78% of people who maintain a weight loss for 5 years eat breakfast every day.
  25. Stop Dieting - Start Eating!
    Replace the word "dieting" with "lifestyle change" or "eating."
  26. The B.S. Rule.
    Follow the B.S. rule of eating. Eat baked and steamed.
  27. Calorie Blocker.
    Add fiber with fruits and vegetables to your diet. For every extra gram of fiber you block 7 calories. 35 grams of fiber a day results in 245 blocked calories!
  28. Eating Diary.
    Over a 10-week study, people who recorded everything they ate lost 64% more weight than those who did not. It will also give you insight into what triggers you to overeat, (e.g.: type of food, time of day, location, mood, etc.)
  29. Spray on Flavor.
    Mix olive oil and vinegar and put it in a spray bottle. Mist it on your salad and you will reduce the amount of dressing you use.
  30. 500 Less.
    If you eat 500 less calories a day, you will lose one pound a week. Learn how much of each of your favorite foods equals 500 calories.
  31. Exercise In Line.
    Whenever you find yourself standing in a line, at the store or bank, work on your abs. Suck in your abdomen; try to pull your belly button back to your backbone.
  32. Eat Sooner.
    Eat before you are hungry and you will eat less.
  33. Eat Fat First.
    Add a little fat to the first bite of a low calorie meal. Your taste buds recognize the first bite the best. Fat fills you faster than carbohydrates or protein.
  34. Choose quality over quantity.
    Don't focus on how much or little you are consuming but rather on what nutrients your body needs and satisfy those needs by eating foods with high nutritional content.
  35. Savor your food.
    Enjoy your food more, not more often.
  36. Water.
    Have a big glass of water first thing in the morning. Most people don't realize just how dehydrated we become while sleeping. Drinking water will perk you up and freshen your complexion. It may also help you consume less, as we often mistake thirst for hunger. Another large glass at bedtime will get you well on the way to meeting your daily need of this all important nutrient.
  37. Eat at every meal.
    Skipping meals is equivalent to not putting gas in your car. Sooner or later your tank empties, you end up running on empty and usually overeat to compensate. Feed your body reasonably and on schedule and you are less likely to experience ravenous hunger.
  38. Losing weight is about learning how to eat,
    not about how not to eat.
  39. Dieting is a game.
    You'll play for a while and even when you win by losing, you'll quit playing. All diets are temporary. That's why they fail.
  40. Eating out.
    When you go out to eat with friends and family, order appetizers as your meal. Everyone will be able to try different things and the portions are smaller than most entrees.



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