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Sleep is essential to life. Our quality of life, susceptibility to illness, and longevity depend on sufficient sleep. Establishing good sleep habits is critical. There are many causes of insomnia including eating within 4 hours of bedtime, caffeine, lack of exercise, being overweight, and some medication. Over-the-counter and prescription sleep aids give temporary relief but have long term consequences including memory loss and weakened immune system and should be avoided if at all possible.



A hormone secreted by pancreatic cells in response to increasing levels of glucose in the bloodstream. Insulin enables the body to transport and store glucose for energy production. Imbalances of insulin are common in diabetes, gastrointestinal disorders, and obesity.

If someone has diabetes, he or she has trouble with a hormone called insulin. Insulin, which is made in the pancreas, lowers the level of glucose (a type of sugar) in the blood. It does this by helping glucose enter the body's cells. Glucose is the main source of energy for the cells.

Your body gets glucose from the food you eat, and it travels through the bloodstream. But without insulin, glucose can't get into the cells. In diabetes, the pancreas doesn't make enough insulin or the body can't respond normally to the insulin that is made. This causes the glucose level in the blood to rise.



Iodine is a non-metallic trace element required by humans for the synthesis of thyroid hormones. It promotes normal function of the thyroid gland.  Keeps skin, hair and nails healthy.It protects the thyroid gland after accidental exposure to radiation and prevents goiters.


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