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Acne affects approximately 80% of people 12 to 24 and many even later into adulthood. The skin is a mirror that reflects what is inside us. It is an organ of elimination and is useful in detoxifying the body. The sebaceous gland produces oil to lubricate the skin. When oil is trapped, toxins build, bacteria multiply, inflammation develops and acne results. Acne is cured internally by supplements and topically with cream.



Many conditions fall under the umbrella of ADHD including Hyperactivity and an inability to stay focused and on task. Other symptoms include quick frustration, clumsiness, inability to sit still, lack of self control and sleep disturbances. Environmental pollutants, vitamin deficiencies, artificial colorings and preservatives are contributing factors.



A pair of small, pyramid-shaped glands located on the top of each kidney, which produce important "stress" hormones such  adrenaline and cortisone. These regulate carbohydrate and sugar processing as well as the production of sex hormones and basal metabolic rate which directly helps control body weight and fat distribution. Adrenal Fatigue results from chronic daily stress as well as from taking cortisone (steroid medication). Symptoms include fatigue, weight gain, cravings, irritability, low sex drive and poor memory.



An allergen is anything that causes an allergic reaction. Allergens can be many different things, including grass, dust mites, or animal dander.



An allergy occurs after you have come into contact with a substance you are allergic to (called an allergen). The most common forms of contact are: Dietary (eating a food which your body is intolerant of or sensitive to), Inhaled (when the allergen is present in the air you breathe - such as pollen), Contact allergies (when your skin is sensitive to a substance which touches it, such as dishwashing liquid or jewelry). An allergy is the immune system’s reaction to a normally harmless substance. The mast cell holds histamine which is broken by the allergen causing histamine release and the subsequent allergic reaction. Food and environmental allergies including seasonal, dust and pollen can progress to serious infections in the sinuses and ears. Allergies worsen asthma and weaken the immune system making the person more susceptible to diseases.



Red blood cells carry oxygen all over our bodies. Anemia means less oxygen carrying blood cells in the blood. The red blood cell (R.B.C.) is a car and its passenger is oxygen. The RBC is made in the bone marrow, circulates for about 4 months and is replaced. Anemia can be caused by many things including genetics (Hemophilia) or low iron or B12. In order to correct it is prudent to nourish the bone marrow and provide adequate materials for production: iron, B12, etc. Anemia commonly causes fatigue, decreased ability to exercise, shortness of breath or exertion, cold extremities, pale color, decreased libido and poor concentration.



A substance that works to slow or prevent the generation of free radical molecular groups in the body, thereby protecting against degenerative cell damage associated with oxidative stress.



Anxiety is a physiologic response to the environment. It is the feeling of loss of control, coupled with physical symptoms including increased heart rate, sweating, and feeling of doom. It can be mild and accompanied by Depression on a daily basis or occur intermittently as full scale Panic Attacks. It places major stress both mentally and physically on the individual. Regular exercise and supplements help restore balance.



The primary chemical building blocks the body uses to produce protein. A deficiency of even a single amino acid can impair the body's production of many proteins, and result in hormone imbalances, breakdown of muscle tissue, and weakened immune function.



The natural electrical conduction through the heart results in the heart muscle contracting or beating. When this electricity is disrupted, the heart beats irregularly resulting in an Arrhythmia which can be seen on Electrocardiogram (ECG or EKG). The person often feels their heart skipping beats, harder beats or rapid beats. Contributing factors include stress, caffeine, dehydration, medication side effects, nutritional deficiencies and tobacco.



Arthritis is inflammation of the joints. It is the result of aging as in Degenerative or Osteoarthritis, or auto immune destruction as in Rheumatoid Arthritis. In all cases inflammation happens first followed by cartilage and joint destruction and finally pain and deformity develop. It is important to treat early rather than wait until pain and stiffness appear. Supplements are preventive as well as therapeutic when taken long term.



Asthma is a chronic inflammatory disease that is accompanied by wheezing and shortness of breath. The two main types of asthma are intrinsic asthma, which usually develops in conjunction with an infection or later in life or may follow the birth of a child or after change of life, and extrinsic asthma, which is caused by allergies. During an asthma attack the mucous membranes swell and the bronchial tubes go into spasm, breathing is an effort, and the exhalation of air from the lungs becomes more and more difficult. As air flow is reduced, wheezing occurs. Minimizing mucous production as well as relaxing the Bronchi is the key to preventing attacks. Supplements assist in reducing the attacks but should not replace medical care if an attack occurs. Avoid triggers like pets with fur, smoke, aspirin, dairy, cola, and processed foods.



An Autoimmune Disease occurs when the Immune System fails to function properly. Normally the system produces proteins including Interferon to attack any foreign invader like a bacteria or virus. In this disorder the Immune System attacks the body itself; Rheumatoid Arthritis attacks the joints, Lupus the heart, lungs and kidney, MS the brain and Scleroderma the connective tissue. Steroids suppress the immune response but can not be taken long term because it can lead to death by infection.


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