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Save the Sierra


California's most precious resource is being destroyed

California’s forests, including the Sierra, are some of the most breathtaking landscapes in the United States. They supply Californians with the vast majority of their clean drinking water and provide habitat to countless species. Yet, this ecological treasure is being destroyed by the "Sustainable" Forestry Initative (SFI)-certified logging of Sierra Pacific Industries.

Take action to save the Sierra

Take action to save the Sierra

Three of the largest US window manufacturers, Andersen, Kolbe & Kolbe, and Jeld-Wen, are sending a mixed message about their commitment to the environment.

They all offer some products using Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified lumber, the only independent forest certification. And yet, they continue to source from Sierra Pacific Industries,

California's largest forest destroyer, for their wood window products. Tell Andersen, Kolbe & Kolbe, and Jeld-Wen it's time to green up their act. If they're serious about the environment, they must drop SPI from their supply chain until the company improves its practices.

Click here and take action to save the Sierra


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