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Label Genetically Modified Foods

Organic standards expressly prohibit the use of genetically modified seeds or ingredients.

Unfortunately, foods containing GMOs are currently not required to be labeled as such. This means that choosing organic products is the only way to ensure that you and your family aren’t eating them or supporting the companies that produce them.

Genetic engineering is a relatively new and unproven technology. GMOs can have unpredictable consequences for the environment and for human health, threaten biodiversity, and rob farmers of their right to save seeds and maintain their economic survival.

They are also intended for use on large monocropping systems — where only one crop is grown for many acres — which leaves them vulnerable to disease and weak in terms of resistance to drought, pests, and climate changes.

Most Americans simply do not understand that 80% of non-organic supermarket processed foods (basically every product containing soy, corn, canola, cottonseed oil, sugar beet derivatives or ingredients from animals fed soy or corn) are contaminated with genetically modified organisms.

People don't think they're eating genetically modified foods because they have no way of knowing whether they are or not. Genetically modified foods aren't labeled.

Click here to protect your right to know whether your food is genetically modified.

We need genetically modified food labeled now!


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